Alasdair Duncan has work in drAwn2gether,at GiG, Munich until October 3rd. 
The Meanings, a solo show at the Bohunk Institute, Nottingham will run until October 5th.

The meaning is that there is a meaning.

Alasdair Duncan makes art in an investigation of the edges and planes, the topology, of meaning. He works with a variety of kinds of sign, which play through the imaginary and symbolic, through metaphoric or metonymic relations within themselves and across one another, or as stand-ins for meanings which are not available.

Duncan has worked for several years principally with brightly coloured graphic signs proposed as stand-ins for what is not known. These signs made in a variety of mediums, seem familiar, having a sense of having meaning, of meaningless, often with a structural logic or play of potential imagery or structural logic held from resolution. The signs were oriented around the rubric of signs for the future, the meaning of the future being at least partially but emphatically held at bay, a theme prescient to the personal, social, political, and technological question of what to do next. These signs for the future now form part of a wider practice, involving elements of graphic designs, photographs, video, audio, words, drawing, archival material, sculpture, assemblage, and installation.

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